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Much like the chicken or the egg, this website did and didn’t come before i’d actually seen a leopard. It began as a post on a website called frog which my school used as a sort of primitive version of Teams. Then I upgraded it to a Wix website which was a kind of news website dedicated to solely leopards. We had cutting edge stories such as “thirsty leopard gets head stuck in bowl”

link is here if you want to check it out: https://alex41236.wixsite.com/mysite-1

Unfortunately a domain on Wix at the time was €12 a month which greatly exceded my year 7 salary but nonetheless me and some friends, shout-out to Nico, worked hard to spread the word and printed many leaflets with the clunky domain for people to read the just in stories like the “Man eating leopard of Rudraprayag” only 100 years late.

That christmas though was a special one since me and my family went to Sri Lanka and at the great Yala National Park I was finally able to see the greatest of the cats (in my humble opinion) which incidentally became the last post I made on the Wix site as my birthday came and I got my own domain for a much more affordable price of €12 a year on WordPress (contact for sponsorship). I also decided to change the format because unfortunately leopards don’t make headline news that often. I thank my parents very much for every holiday and allowing me to see all these wonderful animals because it makes my life cooler than that of my friends which is the most important thing in life.

I have twice been runner up for wildlife blogger of the year which leads me to believe that the first place prize of Swarovski binoculars doesn’t exist but I did win a  €200 voucher for career advice (I was 13 at the time) and another €200 voucher for wildlife holidays of which the cheapest one was €1500

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    1. One could see the many positives of having a strong backup population as well as inspiring and raising money for wildlife conservation. The late Dr Alan Rabinowitz, founder of Panthera found his connection with big cats at the Bronx zoo so I do feel that they have a place although I personally I believe that zoos should have much stricter rules than they currently do to ensure that animals not only have enough space, quality natural surfaces and food but also that the animals must receive plenty of mental enrichment. By this I mean that you can’t simply give it space an expect it to be happy but that you must also ensure that it has other animals to interact with as well as toys to play with and food to search for so that mentally it can always be entertained. I also believe that zoos should work towards a coordinated effort to release animals into the wild. Many animals such as leopards and tigers are very difficult to release because they are taught how to hunt by their mother although it is still possible for them to learn to hunt by themselves, this involves preventing them from having human contact which defeats the point of zoos. Rhinos on the other hand, can be released despite human contact since they will likely need to be constantly guarded anyway in the wild as you can read in my latest article so it is almost better that they don’t run away from humans so whilst I generally believe in decentralisation; I do believe that in the case of zoos there should be a governing body to run these breeding programmes and set a quota like for example: the Union of American Zoos will work together to breed and release 10 black rhinos each year into Africa. Rhinos I think would be a great species to do this with because of how threatened they are but this would work great with antelope species since they breed so quickly and would fit in well with what already goes on in game farms as you can read in my Ovita article. Idk if anyone sent you the link but there’s a new fantasy league.

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