Kangaroos of Australia

During the Christmas holiday of 2011 we went to Australia were it was still summer to catch some sun and visit some friends and family. While we were there we went to a campsite were many strange things happened like a man coming into the campsite with a pet crocodile, dingo and python to having the toilets invaded by kangaroos at night but the important thing is that we survived!

It was late in the evening and because I was a small annoying child, I was nagging everyone for dinner.. After having been told that that dinner would take a while, I wondered off to the swings at the corner of the campsite. I played there for ten minutes with another group of children but they all ran away. I didn’t understand why they had done so and thought that they were being mean so I carried on playing until a shadow appeared behind me. I thought it was my Dad because the creature seamed tall enough so I turned around and said “could I please play for just a bit longer…. AHHHHHHHHHHH” A massive kangaroo taller than most humans stood in front of me as if it was trying to ask if he could have a go on the swings! I screamed at it, but the stupid creature didn’t react so I ran away to the tent and didn’t speak a word of the adventure i had just had and before we had even eaten dinner I had just experienced my first adventure of the evening in that peculiar campsite.

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