Penguins of Paracas, Peru

During the summer holiday of 2018 our journey took all the way to Peru and I usually say “to find” but in reality my mum chooses the destination and I make do for preferably I would have gone to Patagonia to see pumas but I probably won’t be taken to Patagonia or any country when she reads this blog and calls me ungrateful.

We set off early and arrived at the docks and after what seemed like hours of haggling and being swapped around boats, we found our guide, Larsen, who looked like he belonged in a grumpier version of Baywatch and we hopped on our boat. We bounced around the waves until we arrived at the “Islas Ballestas” off the southern coast to see a white colored island covered head to toe in bird dung. A mixture of boobies, cormorants, Inca turns and of course a waddling group of a dozen Humboldt penguins greeted us along with a raft full of researchers and conservationist studying the species faeces. What a lovely job! We toured the islands and were bombarded with bird crap along the way. We ended our journey and sped off into the distance. As we did so, the driver pointed at a pair of eyes bobbling eyes stared at us. “Awwwwww! What a lovely seal.” the crowd exclaimed in uni sim. The driver, unphased by its cuteness, didn’t make and attempt to swerve and ran the helpless creature over turning our once “Awwwwww!” into an “ Aaaaaaaaaah!”

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