Vicuñas, Peru

During the summer 2018 on a bus journey From Chivay to Puno (Peru) the larger part of our journey was through a national park.

We started moving midday and set off with the bus company through the jurassic park like gates. Within the first few minutes it didn’t seem to me like anything could live in that baron wasteland but the sight of a herd of vicuñas met my eyes as soon as the thought came into my head. I thought I had missed the only herd in about a thousand miles but in the corner of my eye another group skipped happily over the plains. Than another. Than another. Than of course, another. So fixated in the amount of vicuñas there were which I can only imagine was a fraction of that of the wildebeest migration, Id forgotten to take my camera out so without further due I plonked the device on the window ledge and found just how hard it was to take pictures on a shaky bus. I’m not much of a photographer and would much rather just enjoy the moment so as quickly as I had taken the camera out, I had put it back to stare out of the window for the next six hours immersed in pure nature.

I’m still confused as to what these mammals eat or drink and how they manage to sustain a diverse food chain ranging from the biggest puma or condor to the smallest snake or mouse.

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